Homeowners everywhere are investing countless hours and money into landscaping to ensure their lawns are in top form.

Sometimes, though, the hours put into lawn care don’t yield the best results. You could be aiming for soft, lush lawns and end up with uneven, dying hay in your front yard. And you’re left to figure out just where you went wrong.

True lawn care is more than what kids do to earn some extra money on the side. Professional landscapers have been using the same basic strategies for ages to grow happy, healthy, and beautiful lawns for clients.

Today, we’re going to share some of our secrets. If you are looking to create an amazing-looking lawn worthy of envy with your own two hands, consider these 5 tips for the perfect lawn.

Water Less Often

You should water your lawn less often but for shorter periods of time. What this basically does is teaches your grass to have a healthy, deep root system, eliminating the chances for weed to emerge. Also your grass will be healthier and more likely to survive periods of drought.

Alternate Mowing Patterns

Alternate your mowing patterns to avoid your grass falling into a sort of growing pattern.

Your grass will grow much in the same way your hair would if you brushed it daily in the same direction, creating an almost permanent style. Or, when you grow up with bad posture, your body automatically slouches into its ‘comfortable’ position unconsciously.

Walking the same paths while mowing every time will not only cause your grass to bend in one direction, the mower could also cause compacted ruts. Avoid this by changing your mowing patterns from time to time.

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Ensure your mower blades are in top shape. Your mower might cut the grass well enough, but if the blades are not actually sharp, it would cause an uneven mowing. This would leave some blades on the grass, which could eventually turn brown. A sharp blade, however, would cut the grass evenly and completely.

Mow While your Lawn is Dry

Wet grass makes for a more difficult mowing experience, and it also clogs up the mower decks. Furthermore, the wet clumps caused by moisture can cluster on the surface of the lawn. This can effectively cut off oxygen and water to the affected areas of your lawn.

Aerate in Spring and Fall

An aerator is a self-propelled machine, often powered by gas, which works by penetrating your soil. The machine digs into the soil with its hollow cylindrical spikes, and digs out plugs of soil.

Aerating your lawn is extremely useful for creating luscious lawns as it allows your grass more room to grow, creates deeper access for nutrients and water to reach the roots, and it uncovers microorganisms to the soil surface.

Get Professional Lawn Care You Deserve

If you’re looking to get the perfect lawn of grass without investing all the time and effort yourself, give us a call. The professional team at Authentic Green Lawn Care Services is ready and willing to find the lawn care solutions that your grass needs to grow its greenest.